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Here at The Water Bed Guy, our mission is to meet all your needs and make your water bed experience as comfortable and seamless as possible. Think of me as your very own dial-a-water-bed service! Call today for a quote . . . I'll be ready when you need me. The following pricing schedule has been provided to help you see the minimal costs associated with water bed ownership.

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Full Motion, No-Wave Inhibitors

$139.95  50% Waveless, Semi Firm, Slow Motion
$179.95  Soft Yielding, Less Motion, 80% Waveless
$249.95  Least Motion, Super Firm, 90% Waveless
$469.95 Fiberfirm IV, Ultra Firm, No Motion, 99% Waveless
25%/Pair Dual Mattresses Available at an Additional Cost
Add $20.00 Hybrid & Soft Side Beds
$34.95 Tubes for Hybrid & Soft Side Beds, Full-Motion
$44.95 Waveless tubes
$34.95 Quality, Stand-Up Liners for Hard Sides
$39.95 Custom Wrap-Around  Liners for Soft Sides
$79.95  Full-Watt, Solid State Heaters for Hard Sides
$99.95 Deluxe Full-Watt Solid State Digital Deep Fill Heater
$89.95 Hybrid, Low-Watt Heaters for Shallow Fill
$17.95 Conditioner: 12-Month, 8 Oz. Treatment
$19.95 Fill & Drain Kits, 8 Oz. Conditioner with Adapters
$12.95 Patch Kits
 49.95  Polyester fitted Mattress Pads
$79.95 Cotton, Quilted Mattress Pads
$74.95 Sheets,200+Thread Count,All Sizes (bottomsheet, top & pillow cases)
$319.95 King Zip-Up Mattress Covers
$269.95 Queen Zip-Up Mattress Covers
$249.95 SS Zip-Up Mattress Covers

Comforter Packages Available at Discount Prices


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